Another Breeding Season Ticked Off

Another Breeding Season Ticked Off

Finally drawing a step closer to finishing a tricky breeding season with a selection of heartbeat scans this week. With three of our own homebred foals safely on the ground we also welcomed one more to our family, Anastasia MSH, which we purchased in utero with her mum Vive le Reve. I also foaled down a further six outside mares.

Getting mares in foal proved frustrating as a result of the odd weather we had. Embyro flushes with three ridden mares failed and failed whilst the empty older girls just simply weren't cycling right at all. Finally with foals on the ground the real action began with those mares coming in for their attempts. On a second attempt after a switch of stallion we finally managed our first pregnancy of the season in December. From then they fortunately came in a big wave in January as the time pressure started kicking in with the realisation of how little time I had left before heading off to uni! The most exciting one is Capriole being in foal to Grand Slam VDL as this is my first positive pregnancy working with frozen semen. It would seem Collette and Optimistic NZPH have done their dash and put themselves into breeding retirement, and I was gutted that Athena GNZ lost her pregnancy, but with four confirmed pregnancies I am pretty excited about the babies to come and can't wait for late November to come round.

Foals To Come:

- Ellen NZPH x Daminos

- Capriole x Grand Slam VDL

- Candescent RF x Up n Go RF

- Waitangi Hotspot x Burley RF

All colts will be available subject to weaning, microchipping/passport, branding & gelding.