Waitangi Hotspot

Waitangi Hotspot

2009 16hh grey mare

Sire: Waitangi Double Click (Lansing)

Dam: Devella xx (First Norman) [competed as Arrabella]

2018 Classification Tour – Studbook Mare, merit

Offspring: Couer de l'Amour RF (2014), Cabaret RF (2018), Countessa RF (2019), Brampton RF (2021), Concorde RF (2022), Bailey RF (2023)



2011 16.1hh grey mare

Sire: Cassini II

Dam: Lonese (Locato)

Offspring: Burley RF (2018), Cashed Up RF (2020), Cahoot RF (2021), Kenzie RF (2022), Gianna RF (2023)

Ellen NZPH

Ellen NZPH

2013 17hh bay mare

Sire: Untouchable M

Dam: OSH Approved NZPH (Frisbee Kerrellec)

Offspring: Up n Go RF (2020), Briana RF (2022), Dahlia RF (2023)

Candescent RF


13/11/2018 brown mare

Sire: Carpaccio BDV Z

Dam: Optimistic NZPH

NZWA Studbook Mare - Merit

Offspring: Utopia (2023)

Athena GNZ


2008 16.3hh grey mare

Sire: Cassiano

Dam: Lamona (Lander)

Half sister to Corlando and Lamondo GNZ. Competed up to 1.40m with previous rider Rosie Commons.

Offspring: in foal to Up n Go RF (2024)

Cornetto RF


30/10/2020 bay mare

Sire: Cornet's Air

Dam: Optimistic NZPH

Offspring: in foal to Up n Go RF (2024)

Dynamic RF


27/11/2017 grey mare

Sire: Daminos

Dam: Electra NZPH

Offspring: in foal to Grand Slam VDL (April 2025)

Past Broodmares

Optimistic NZPH

Optimistic NZPH

2001 15.2hh chocolate brown mare

Sire: Fetiche du Pas

Dam: Cybil (I Love You)

2018 Classification Tour – Champion Derivative Mare, excellence

Offspring: Chiquita RF (2016), Candescent RF (2018), Cornetto RF (2020), Ultimate RF (2023)




2004 15.1hh bay mare

Sire: Carpaccio

Dam: Tuxedo Rose (Wohler II)

Show jumped to 1.35m with previous rider Daniel Blundell

Offspring: Cashier RF (2017), Distinctive RF (2018), Decadence RF (2020), Collateral RF (2021)


Casual Affair

2014 16hh grey TB mare

Sire: Mastercraftsman (xx)

Dam: This Time Rodney (Casual Lies)

Offspring: Dangerous Affair RF (2018), Devious Affair RF (2019), Classic Affair RF (2020), Brilliant Affair RF (2021)

Sold in foal to Up n Go RF (2023)