Facility & Arena Rules

By entering the Rose Flats Equestrian property you agree to our Terms & Conditions, and agree to follow the rules outlined below.

All new visitors must fill out the Facility Declaration form.

Facility Rules

No dogs on the property - no exceptions.

The car park gate must be kept shut at all times.

No parking on the concrete at top end of the shed & no parking directly beside the concrete down the long side of the shed - these areas must be kept clear for access.

All manure must be removed and placed in one of the wheelbarrows provided.

No hay is to be fed in the car park.

Horses may not be left tied up to floats or trucks in the car park if they are going to paw the ground or cause damage to the car park area. Any holes dug in the yards must be filled back up.

Breakages or damage to poles, equipment or facilities must be reported immediately and will be charged at replacement or repair cost.

Use of the wash bay is complimentary with your booking however please be mindful of your water usage. The wash bay is not there for you to shampoo your horse prior to a show, please do that at home.

The outdoor yards are available for use with your booking. Please leave them in a tidy manner after use by picking up all manure & hay scrapes, sweeping rubber mats, and latching the gate close.

Our portable stables are not available for use.

Do not enter the shed & stable area. This includes the cross ties.

Do not venture away from the arena or carpark areas unless accompanied by Rose Flats Equestrian staff. This includes all paddocks accessed from the driveway, and all paddocks & raceways below the carpark.

A clean up fee may be charged if the yards or car park are not left properly cleaned after use.

Arena & Round Pen Rules

An appropriate riding helmet must be worn at all times when mounted.

All horses must have their hooves thoroughly picked out in the wash down bay or yards prior to entering the arena.

All manure must be removed from the arena immediately and placed into one of the wheelbarrows provided.

If a refusal results in the horse creating a hollow in front of the jump it must be filled in prior to leaving.

No jumps shall be moved without permission, only height adjusted. If you alter a related distance you must move it back to where it was originally set.

Poles can be moved around if desired, but they must be put back on the pole stack or underneath a jump where they were found. Do not leave them out of the side of jumps. The same applies for jump fillers.

Breakages or damage to poles, equipment or facilities must be reported immediately and will be charged at replacement or repair cost.

The arena gates must be kept shut when arena is in use.

Report all incidents, near misses, and accidents as required – even if insignificant.

A clean up fee may be charged if; manure is not properly removed, jumps are moved without permission, poles are left scattered instead of being put back underneath the jumps, or fillers aren't put back under the jump.


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