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Rose Flats Equestrian is focused on breeding quality warmbloods that are well cared for & handled right from birth. The property was set up to ensure the best possible start to their lives and ridden careers by having a relaxed environment for them to grow in, safe paddocks, and a top quality arena to prevent unnecessary wear and tear caused by substandard surfaces.

Ever since the Kaukapakapa property was purchased Rose Flats Equestrian has been planning towards offering rehabilitation services. They understand that an inevitable part of owning horses is that occasionally they can get injured and many owners don't have the facilities for it or simply don't have the time to put into some rehab programmes, especially when box rest is required. Rose Flats Equestrian is here to take the stress away offering a top class facility where your horse can recover and help get you back on track better than before.

Our Facilities

- 60 x 40m ebb & flow sand/fibre arena with a full set of show jumps and a variety of fillers including a skinny gate, wall and liverpool

- 20m round pen

- Six large outdoor yards with rubber matting opposite the arena

- Breeding stable; mare & foal crush, lab room, four large stables with rubber matting, automatic water troughs and equilume lighting

- Two blocks of four 4x6m portable stables with rubber matting and automatic water troughs

- Ten horse walker

- Horse Gym 2000 T4 Treadmill (up to 45km/hr & 10% incline)

- Hydraulic phantom for stallion collections

- 19 day paddocks, 1 large sand paddock & 5 large sand yards

- 5 equicentral inspired paddock blocks consisting of a dry lot at the front with a metalled raceway which provides access to the paddocks for the broodmares & youngstock

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Breeding stable block
Outdoor yards

Georgia Sheard

Georgia has been around horses for most of her life and begun show jumping when she was 14 years old with her pony Phantom Warrior. She competed successfully up to Pony Grand Prix and has since been more focused on producing younger horses and competing up to Amateur Rider height.

Georgia is proud to be capable of handling all aspects of the breeding operation right from getting the mares pregnant, through to foaling them down onsite and handling the foals.

Georgia believes it's important that horses are strong and well in their body to ensure optimal performance. This led her down the track of setting up for rehabilitation after past difficulties with previous horses struggling to progress due to weaknesses.


– Veterinary Science at Massey University, Palmerston North, class of 2028
– Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Commercial Law) – The University of Auckland, 2017-2020
– HHANZ AI Technician
– Thermal Imaging – Equitherm
– Cold Laser Therapy – Holistic Animal Studies
– Certified Kinesiology Tape practitioner – Holistic Animal Studies

Georgia with Waitangi Hotspot and Cabaret RF at classification
Georgia with Redcliffs Armani
Georgia with Countessa RF