NZWA Classification

NZWA Classification

Another successful classification was ticked off with a collection of rosettes to show for it. 

Our three year old stallion Up n Go RF (Up To You x Untouchable M) was accepted into the Stallion Studbook with some lovely comments. 

Three year old Cornetto RF (Cornet's Air x Fetiche du Pas) was accepted into the Mare Studbook - this ensures her foal due next season will be eligble for Register 1. 

The foals sure impressed with Utopia RF, Dahlia RF and Gianna RF each picking up an excellence. As a breeder it is awesome seeing the quality of foals each year steadily improving!


New Zealand Warmblood Association

What is the purpose of registering and classifying?

Registering is an important step in ensuring verification of age and pedigree by registering as a foal. Through the use of DNA testing you can ensure the breeding is as you say it is. Registering with a WBFSH (World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses) studbook, such as NZWA, ensures New Zealand is appropriately recognised for the achievements of our NZ bred horses internationally. At present if your horse is not registered with a studbook we gain no recognition, and in some cases the breeder isn't even acknowledged if it was never input at the time of registering with ESNZ/FEI. NZWA hope that registration with a studbook will become mandatory for all age group classes over the coming years (and ultimately all horses in the future!). NZWA offers all registered horses an FEI approved passport which not only holds their identification and pedigree, it also has pages for vaccination records, medication controls, lab testing and more.  

Registration is very easy by simply filling out the online form. You will be sent an ID form which will need to be completed by your vet. All horses must be microchipped, therefore it is wise to get this all done during the one vet visit - don't book the visit until you have received the form. Foals produced via frozen semen or ET are required to be DNA verified; if your foal requires this you will notified and a sample of hair can be taken by the vet at the same time for sending away. 

It is never too late to register. If you have any questions get in touch with NZWA. 

Horses ineligible for registration with NZWA (insufficient 'warmblood' pedigree / 'crossbred' types) can be registered with their sister studbook SPHANZ (Sport and Performance Horse Association of NZ). This ensures ALL horses in sport can be registered and recognised for their achievements. 

Classification is a great way to assess where your breeding program is at by having an overseas assessor inspect your breeding stock and progeny. The insight gained by these classification days can be invaluable, especially to newer breeders, and assist in future decisions when picking a stallion for your mare. While it isn't necessary to inspect your foals, it is highly beneficial to classify your breeding mares into the studbook as this allows her progeny to be eligible for Register 1 (assuming the sire is also licensed) which is the gold standard register.