Vet School

Vet School

I have made the exciting but nerve wracking decision to head off to Massey in Palmerston North to begin pre-vet study, working towards being a veterinarian. During this period of time there will be some changes to the way Rose Flats operates:


Arena & Round Pen:

Bookings will continue pretty well as per usual. We look to alter the hours of availability on weekdays as I no longer require the arena in the mornings. At this stage hours will begin from 10am to allow staff time to get morning duties done before clients arrive, but this may be brought earlier once we have sorted out our new 'normal'. 

The arena will be maintained by staff and jump course kept regularly changed as it always has been. 

I will be removing the option to pay for bookings via bank deposit. Apologies to all this affects - it just makes one less thing for me to keep track of. Payments via PoliPay are another option if you don't wish to pay via credit card.

In terms of making bookings this will still be done online as per usual. All rescheduling and cancellations MUST be done via the link in your booking confirmation email (the email that comes addressed from Servicify), please do not send me messages/emails as I will not be getting through these in a timely manner which is important for last minute changes.

Clinic bookings will still be arranged directly with me, but please do allow me time to get back to you as I will be busy with my studies and unsure how quickly I will be reading and responding to these types of enquiries. 


Rehabilitation & Holiday Care:

At this stage we intend to halt these service options except in straight forward holiday care cases of horses that have previously stayed with us before. It is unknown what my semester breaks will look like in terms of placement requirements throughout my studies which means I cannot guarantee how much I will be around home during these times to oversee everything. Once I have an idea of how my holiday periods will look I can decide how best to work this but I am hoping to be able to offer holiday care options for new clients whilst I am around home. We will have overnight stabling options available 7-21st April and 2nd June - 17th July. 



Breeding & Sales:

My breeding operations will be business as usual with foals being conveniently due during my summer break. I will swiftly get mares back in foal during this time so we can keep producing through our youngsters each year. Due to the nature of me not having the time to ride horses for some years to come all foals & horses, minus fillies I may wish to retain for future breeding, will be available for sale. Foals will be available from time of weaning (by which point they will be microchipped, branded & gelded).