Why Choose Our Arena?

Why Choose Our Arena?

What makes our arena here at Rose Flats Equestrian special? It all starts with the base. Our arena is an ‘ebb & flow’ system. Instead of a traditional arena base where a crown or slope is required for drainage an ebb & flow arena is built on a level surface with a sealed liner and modules running beneath the surface. The modules hold water which then soaks up into the arena surface to ensure a consistent level of water is maintained and thus an optimal riding surface all day long without dust. This system along with the sand and fibre surface mix allows for a very secure surface that is not loose and does not shift under the weight of the horse unlike many traditional arenas.

Riding on a quality surface is imperative for the longevity of your horses ridden career. Having a safe footing to prevent slipping and stress on tendons & ligaments is so important and incredibly undervalued by many riders until it is too late. 


Why Choose Our Arena?

Excellent surface all year round.


Great selection of jumps and fillers including a skinny gate, wall and liverpool. The fillers can easily be moved out to the side of the jumps for those not wanting to jump them.


The property is very easy to access – nice wide entrance way and driveway with plenty of room to pass vehicles if you meet somebody coming the other direction


Easy parking – there is plenty of parking and turning space so don’t fret if you aren’t confident reversing the float!


Wash bay – the wash bay beside the arena is available for use after your ride complimentary with your booking all year round


Yards – there are six large wooden yards with horse safe gates opposite the arena which are available for use. Perfect if you wish to bring multiple horses without having to stress about any of them pulling off the truck or float.


Your booked slot is booked for you only – don’t worry about having to share the arena with who knows how many other users, your booking ensures your own private session in the arena (unless you want to bring a friend of course)


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