Clinic Terms & Conditions

The booking is arranged between Rose Flats Equestrian and the clinician or their approved clinic organiser who shall act on their behalf. By confirming a booking with Rose Flats Equestrian the clinician/clinic organiser confirms they agree with and are bound by these terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions


The arena hire fee of $20 is charged per horse per day with an overall minimum charge of $20/hr.

ie 5 horses over a 6 hour period would require total payment of $120


A clean up fee may be charged at the discretion of Rose Flats Equestrian if the arena, yards or carpark are not left at an acceptable level of tidiness. Clean up fees will be charged direct to the rider if that person can be correctly identified via CCTV footage.


Additional costs may apply to cover our time spent removing jumps and resetting jumps afterwards for clinics requiring an empty arena. This is charged at Rose Flats Equestrians discretion based on number of horses attending and will be confirmed at time of booking when you advise on numbers.


The hire fees will be due for payment prior to the clinic start time unless otherwise agreed.


The hire fees will be paid in a lump sum directly from the clinician or clinic organiser unless otherwise agreed. Please advise if you would like a GST invoice.



A complete list of booked riders & times must be provided to Rose Flats Equestrian at least 24 hours prior to the clinic start time. Names list must include the riders surname. Any alterations after that time should be notified immediately.


Facility Declaration forms are required to be signed by all riders that have not ridden here before. The form is signed once and covers all future visits. The clinic organiser will be responsible for ensuring that the link to the online form is passed on to all relevant riders. Rose Flats Equestrian will notify the organiser of who needs to sign the form once a bookings name list has been provided.


The clinic organiser is responsible for passing on any relevant information or instructions to the clinician and/or riders that Rose Flats Equestrian sends.


Use of Facilities & Equipment

The arena will be prepared with jumps ready for the clinic start time unless the organiser has requested an empty arena.


The clinician may leave the jumps as they want at the end of the day provided that the jumps are left in locations that allow for the arena groomer to pass in front of and behind every jump – this means no jumps hard against the outside line of arena (ideally 3-4m gap minimum works best) and poles need to be under the jumps or back on pole storage stand.


All riders and spectators are required to follow our terms & conditions, and facility & arena rules. Key points to note are that all accidents (whether on ground or under saddle) and breakages (to any equipment or infrastructure) need to be reported to Rose Flats Equestrian prior to leaving.


Riders attending the clinic are welcome to make use of the wooden yards opposite the arena for tacking up in if they wish, but nobody is allowed to enter the stable block or use the covered cross tie area under any circumstance.


All manure must be thoroughly removed from the arena before horses munch it into the sand. If the clinician isn’t going to pick it up themselves while teaching they are responsible for ensuring the riders parent/friend/support person removes it straight away.


Cancellation Policy

A complete cancellation of the clinic must be notified to Rose Flats Equestrian by at the latest 36 hours prior to the booked clinic start time to avoid cancellation fees. A reduction of three or more total hours booked must be notified to Rose Flats Equestrian 24 hours prior to the booked clinic start time. Reductions by one or two hours must be notified by at least 8pm of the day prior to the clinic.


A complete cancellation or reduction in total hours booked within the above time frames are subject to the cancellation fee of $20 per hour booked. The cancellation fee will be waived for any time slots that are subsequently booked by another individual Rose Flats Equestrian client.

The closer to the booked time the less likely we will be able to replace the bookings.

ie 8hr clinic is cancelled, subsequently 3 hours are booked by somebody else – the cancellation fee will be 5x$20 = $100.


In the case of individual riders cancelling within the relevant periods above no fee will be applicable provided the minimum daily fee of $20/hour booked is met.


Adverse weather: A clinic may be cancelled in the event of extreme wind, heavy rain or lightening. The cancellation fees may be waived at the discretion of Rose Flats Equestrian dependent on the severity of weather. It is the clinicians responsibility to keep Rose Flats Equestrian up to date if a weather related cancellation may occur.


The clinician/clinic organiser is responsible for paying the cancellation fee and can on charge that to their clients at their own discretion.



COVID-19 Policy

In the event we are unable to operate due to Covid-19 restrictions in Auckland when the booked clinic is due to be run no cancellation fees will be applicable due to it being out of our control.