Foal Alarm Hire Contract

By picking up a foal alarm for hire you agree to the following terms & conditions:

Terms & Conditions:

This contract is formed between Rose Flats Equestrian and the customer only.

The customer agrees that this unit is for their use only, and may not be lent to another person during the hire period.

The customer understands that they will be charged $10 per day until it is returned with a minimum charge of $100 which is due for payment prior to pick up. Additional transmitters that work off the one base unit are available at an additional cost if multiple mares are due around the same time.

The total number of days during the hire period includes the date of pick up (or day it is delivered to post office if being couriered) and the day of return to Rose Flats Equestrian.

Broken parts will be charged to the customer at the relevant replacement cost.

The customer acknowledges that the unit is designed to work over a distance of 200-400m from the base unit but obstructions will reduce this range. A direct line of site will ensure best results. If in doubt please confirm with us that your set up will be suitable prior to booking; there will be no refunds for units that do not work for your set up.

The customer agrees to test the unit before putting it on their mare to check that the range works from the location of the base unit to the paddock or yard where the mare will be kept.

The customer agrees to follow the instructions provided when setting up the unit and attaching the monitor to the halter.

No responsibility is taken for units not working. Every unit is checked prior to pick up to ensure the alarm triggers as it should.

Rose Flats Equestrian takes no responsibility for batteries running out during use. A brand new, unused battery is provided at the beginning of this contract. While it shouldn’t run out of battery it is up to the customer to check that it is still working, and replace if necessary.

It is your responsibility to keep us up to date on when you require the foal alarm. Please keep in touch when your mare is getting close to needing one.

For foal alarms being couriered please give us at least two days warning of when you require it be sent. We recommend courier dates towards to beginning of the week to ensure no hold ups over the weekend.

Please contact us direct to arrange a booking PRIOR to filling out this contract - this form will go to an inbox I do not get notified for and you risk me not seeing it immediately