Current pricing as at 1st January 2024

All are inclusive of GST


Paddocking: $25/day

- Full care; hay and balage included

- Individual paddock

Outdoor Yarding: $45/day

- Full care; hay & balage included

- Large outdoor yard & daily turnout time in individual paddock

Stabled: $50/day

- Full care; hay & balage included

- Stabled & daily turnout time in individual paddock

Hard Feed:

- Dunstan TriMAREster (balancer pellet) is provided within the above pricing; alternatively we can feed out any feed provided by the owner; or

- Dunstan Fibre Grow: $2.50 per dipper

We are able to accomodate to your horses needs whether that means a combination of stabling overnight, outdoor yarding during the day or short periods of paddock turnout.

Additional supplements (ie joint supplements) or medications shall be provided by the owner or charged accordingly.


Treadmill: $40

Lunging: $25

Horse Walker: $10


Handling fee: $4 per five minutes (per handler) - charged for time spent on therapy sessions (putting equissage or ice vibe boots on/off, LASER, red light, thermal imaging), holding for appointments, administering meds, bandage changes, hand walking, etc

Handling fee (after hours): $6 per five minutes - for care conducted between 7pm and 6am.