Arena FAQs

Arena FAQs

Why should I choose Rose Flats for my next outing?

You can read more here.


How do I book the arena?

Bookings are made through our website at this page. Select your preferred time, then complete the booking through checkout. 


I can't make my booked time anymore. Can I reschedule?

Yes - rescheduling (or cancelling) can be made up to 12 hours prior to your booked time. This is done via the link in the booking confirmation email that is sent from servicify when you make the booking.

For avoidance of doubt; the timing of cancellations/ rescheduling is based on the time this is actioned in the booking system. The best method of doing this is via the rescheduling link in your booking email. Texts, messenger and emails are likely to incur a delay in being read and actioned, please take this in mind especially with last minute changes. 


The rescheduling page won't let me change my booking. Why?

If you are trying to change your booking within 12 hours of your booked time the system will not let you. If you cannot make your booked time please choose to cancel the booking to let us know. 


Are there any rules I need to be aware of?

Yes - please have a read through of our facility & arena rules here


What time should I arrive?

Most arena users arrive 5-15mins prior to their booked time. This allows enough time to gear up and be ready for their booked time. Of course if you don't need the full hour to ride it doesn't matter what time you arrive and start so long as you are finished up by the end of your booked time. Please avoid arriving excessively early, especially for 12pm slots on weekdays. 


Can I use the wash bay?

Use of the outdoor wash bay located beside the arena is complimentary with your booking however please be mindful of your water usage. The wash bay is not there for you to shampoo your horse prior to a show, please do that at home. The wash bay in the stable block is not for use. 


Can my friend bring her/his horse too?

Yes that is no problem. Please make sure you let us know your friends full name before hand (for our records, and to confirm they have filled out our Facility Declaration), and additional payment will be required ($20/horse)


Can I bring my instructor? 

Yes you are more than welcome to organise your own instructor to give you a lesson here. Just make sure our general rules are followed (especially regarding moving jumps), and if your instructor wishes to hop on your horse they must have filled out our Facility Declaration beforehand if they haven't ridden here before.


The fillers are a bit scary for my horse, what if I don't want to jump them?

That's no issue! All our fillers are light and easy to move - simply pop them out to the side of the jump during your ride or until your horse is ready to give them a go. Just don't forget to put them back under the jump afterwards!

Please do not move the wall. There are plenty other jumps without needing to move it. 


It's raining. Can I tack up in the stables?

No sorry you cannot. Our shed/stables & portable stables are off limits for all clients. Please do not enter them. 




Have you got any more questions? Please get in touch!