Rehabilitation & Holiday Care Intake Form

This intake form must be filled out before your horse arrives for its booked stay.

By dropping your horse off for agistment you agree to the terms & conditions listed below.

Agistment Terms & Conditions


1.1  The Client must pay the relevant fees as per our current price list (unless quoted in writing otherwise) to Rose Flats Equestrian for providing the services.

1.2  Invoices will be emailed weekly and payable within 5 days via bank transfer.

1.3  Full payment must be received prior to the horse being removed from the property.

1.4  Shoeing or trimming costs will be billed to the owner if using our farrier.

1.5  Any veterinary expenses incurred by this horse whilst on the property of Rose Flats Equestrian will be billed directly to the owner of the horse.

1.6  Any damage to the property caused by the horse shall be charged to the Client at repair or replacement cost.

1.7  In the case of non-payment interest of 10% per month overdue will be payable.

1.8  Payments overdue by 60 days will be referred to Baycorp for collection. Any fees incurred in collection/legal costs on overdue accounts will be the clients’ responsibility


2.1  Rose Flats Equestrian agrees that all confidential information with regards to the Client and the Clients horse(s) shall be kept private.

2.2  Any photographs and videos taken by Rose Flats Equestrian of the Clients horse are for business use only to record condition of the horse or progress being made by the
horse, and will not be shared unless with consent from the Client.


3.1  Rose Flats Equestrian will not be responsible for any injury, illness or death to the horse whilst in their care.

3.2  The Client shall be liable for any damage caused by the Clients horse to any equipment, fencing or infrastructure during its stay.

3.3  Should it be determined that Rose Flats Equestrian has a liability then the maximum liability under or in connection with the agreement, whether in contract, tort, breach of statutory duty or otherwise, must not exceed the fees paid and/or payable by the Client.

3.4  Except for the Client’s liability to pay the fees, neither party is liable to the other for any loss of profit, business, revenue, and/or goodwill, or other indirect, consequential or incidental loss or damage arising under or in connection with the agreement.

3.5  The owner agrees that the horse and any belongings will be left at the agistment property at his/her own risk. It is the owner’s responsibility to insure the horse and belongings against all risks while they are on the property if desired.


4.1 The Client acknowledges that Rose Flats Equestrian is classified as a workplace and all Health and Safety procedures must be strictly adhered to by the Client when on the property.

4.2 Whilst we are happy for you to visit your horse during its stay it is important that you notify us prior to your arrival.


5.1  Horses must be appropriately trained and well behaved to handle on the ground. Any behavioural or handling issues must be disclosed in writing to Rose Flats Equestrian prior to arrival.

5.2  Horses coming onto the property of Rose Flats Equestrian must not be suspected of carrying an infectious or contagious disease, or have been in contact with other animals suffering from such diseases. It is highly recommended that horses be kept up to date on strangles and tetanus vaccinations. 

5.3 If Rose Flats Equestrian believes the horse has a contagious disease, virus or skin condition they have the right to refuse their services.

5.4  If Rose Flats Equestrian deems that a treatment or service may be detrimental to the horse or that the horse is not safe to handle in any way, then they reserve the right to withhold service as they deem necessary.


6.1 The Client gives Rose Flats Equestrian the authority to engage a vet as necessary to protect the horse. Any veterinary expenses incurred by this horse whilst on the property of Rose Flats Equestrian will be billed directly to the owner's vet account.

6.2 Rose Flats Equestrian is authorised to transport your horse at your expense to Vet Associates (Karaka) to receive emergency medical care or surgery as deemed neccessary, unless advised not to.

6.3 Rose Flats Equestrian is authorised to put down your horse with a Veterinarian in attendance upon their diagnosis to prevent further pain and suffering when all other options have been exhausted.


7.1  The owner has the right to terminate this agreement at any time if in his/her opinion the health and welfare of the horse is being compromised by the implementation of the agreement, however outstanding fees must be paid in full before the horse may leave.

7.2  Rose Flats Equestrian has the right to terminate this agreement at any time and to send the horse back to the owner if the horse is deemed unsafe to handle, is causing damage to the property or has vices that were not previously declared prior to arrival.

7.3  If a pick up date was not confirmed at the commencement of the contract (ie longer-term stay) the owner must give seven days notice prior to ending this contract and removing the horse from the property. Full payment for this notice period will be required if the horse is removed early, except at the discretion of Rose Flats Equestrian.