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Foal Alarm Hire

We have numerous Magic Breed foaling monitors available for hire during the breeding season.

$10/day with a minimum charge of $100.

Pick up directly from us or we can courier anywhere in NZ. Current courier prices are $12 for North Island or $37 for South Island, plus $5.50 if rural. Please note the hire period includes the days it is in transit from and back to us. 

How does the foaling monitor work?

A transmitter is attached to the mares halter under her jaw. When she lies down flat on her side for 10 seconds this triggers an alarm on the base unit which you would have set up in your house. Full instructions for setting it all up are included in the unit box. You do not require cell service for this monitor to work however your mare does need to be located ideally within 250-400m of the base unit (the more obstructions such as trees or a shed the shorter this distance will be)


Terms & conditions of hire

For those local to us who may want to remove the stress of foaling down at home we also offer our own foaling down services to a limited number of mares on-site and can take care of all scans for rebreeding afterwards too. 

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